TICTAC presents:

the biggest flip-flop tamer


el mas grande domador de chancletas



C.J.Duffy said...

This is both funny and stylish AND, I love the music playing in the background.

Ruela said...

Haha! Fantastic!

TICTAC said...

Quite a rare specimen, though, as most of them are domesticated.

Thank you CJ!

Malika Ayane, is an italian-moroccan singer, her voice has the spices of her country of origin.

TICTAC said...

Tamed flip-flops and wild feet!

Obrigada, Ruela!

Patricia 333 said...

Tic Tac amiga querida ...

TANTO tiempo pero no me olvido de mis amigos :)

Que hermoso tu blogg , un beso

TICTAC said...

Hola querida Patricia, me alegra saber de ti nuevamente...gracias por tu visita y tus cumplidos.
un abrazo

clochart said...

up with wild flip-flop
down with circus! ☺

TICTAC said...