the tocsin finale: allegro non troppo


published in discharge5 Feb.2010


Anonymous said...

>Awesome and amazing<


TICTAC said...

>Thank you, M!<

Alexandre Gomes Vilas Boas said...

Very, very beautiful and strong!
Greetings from Brazil!

TICTAC said...

Thank you Alexandre!!
The weather that day was scary, so I tried to portray the feeling of it this way....:-)

I am glad that the Novel is still travelling through the marvels of the brasilian art!!


Alexandre Gomes Vilas Boas said...

Thank you Tic Tac ... : )

Yes .. the weather resembles a sky's Munch!

The novel is in Cintia Nagatomo.
I know some people,in the group Iuoma Novel, what are impatient ...
... but, the mail art was made a different time ...
Not the time of the digital ...
Was the time of life.
This week, the romance back into travel!
Greetings from Brazil!

TICTAC said...

Hi Alexandre...oh, I know..and I agree with you. It is also all about the gusto while doing something creative and you cannot speed it either.
It has happened to me too hearing the choir of lamentations lol...it's part of it, I guess.
I am happy the novel is back into travelling...all the best!

Alexandre Gomes Vilas Boas said...

greetings from Brazil!
: )