Ruela said...

V. Beautiful!

C.J.Duffy said...

Ruela's right, very beautiful; magical even. Like something from Avalon.

Isabel Romana said...

Maravillosa foto, querida amiga. Me gusta mucho su limpieza y su valor simbólico. Un abrazo enorme.

TICTAC said...


Thank you!

TICTAC said...

Thanks CJ

amazing how some pics reveil magic upsidedown...

TICTAC said...

Isabel, hola!

las fotos seducen desde todos sus angulos nuestra fertil imaginacion..

gracias querida amiga!

otro abrazo enorme

Aaron Held said...

Hey tic tac I have a question its alright if you answer no but I was wondering if I could use an image of yours for the cover of my e-chap I have made. It's not for commercial use it will be posted free online.

The photo is the flower with the eye, but i understand your art is personal and yours, so it is okay if you say no, I have other images i could use.

I'll definitely give you credit.



TICTAC said...

Hi Aaron!

It’s a very flattering proposition to be in the cover of your e-chap; you produce very beautiful and original art!
I thank you for asking me to use it and for the credit you’ll give me.
It is personal, as you wrote, not only because i use it a lot as a signature of mine in art projects, collages and jewerly designs but also because the flower is in my garden and the eye is my own...hahaha..
said all this ;-) i am happy if you'll decide to put it in the cover!

Best wishes with the e-chap!!
A big hug!


Aaron Held said...

Ah thank you so much, could you email me a copy of the photo and send what you would like to be listed as like your name or your alias(?) tic tac, and what site/blog if any you would like linked inside.

Thanks again, I wanted to use that photo for the cover cause it is so different from inside the chap, the inside is very dark Grey and black and white... hardly any color but i believe the language is colorful, and the title some how connects to the photo "The 'I' Hides the pink Upright sparkling" is the title I believe it has some weird connection maybe some unrelated connection... it some how fits but doesn't much like the whats in side the chap.

MY Email is titheruck@gmail.com

TICTAC said...

Thank you Aaron, such pleasure, you are very talented!
I fully understand your concept, it is a very clever one.
Colours and black&whites connect through their oppositeness..it is the way to enhance each other while keeping their strong identities..
Love the title too.

All the best with the e-chap and thank you again!

I’ll send you the info and pic you asked me.


Zebedeo said...

Extrañas raices ¿se comen? ¿Las puedo echar a un guiso? Ah, no, espera voy a hacer el pino para verlas mejor ¡pataplaf! ay, ay, ay, ya sabía yo que no estoy en edad de hacer el pino ;)

TICTAC said...

hooola Zzzebedeo!
mejor volteas la compu la proxima vez...aunque ella sea la unica que logra ponerme de cabezas ultimamente con sus pedanterias..


martin said...

Terriblemente bella... Cuanta invitacion al imaginario...

TICTAC said...

Martin, hola!gracias!la fotografia hace de puente a la fantasia...

un gran abrazo para ti tambien!